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Turkish Night

Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi (1207-1273) is a very important personality in Turkish culture and belief. Semah Ceremony represents the different meanings of the mystic rotation to perfectivity (Raise, Mirac). Modern science confirms that the basic condition of our existence will not rotate. There is nothing that does not rotate. Everything that rotates and human, a rotating Dervish, revolution in his atoms, structural elements in his body, blood circulation, continues his existence with coming to life and going back (to God), becose of the Earth rotates together. Semah (whirling dervishes ceremony) represents the spiritual climb with love, finding reality and to reach ‘the perfect’. The consistence of the Turkish Night Show is; not only to make the Turkish culture and traditions live, but also for you to experience a real amusement after a relaxing Cappadocian day. Live music is performed all night long by the traditionally clothed team. After the Whirling Dervishes traditional folk dance starts with Turkish folk music.